Improving Technicians' Quality Of Life   
Auto Tech Career - Improving Auto Technicians' Quality of Life
Auto Tech Career - Improving Auto Technicians' Quality of Life
Staffing for Automotive Professionals

Finding Technicians and Automotive Professionals has never been harder than today's market. What have you been doing to find techs?

  • Online postings like Craig's list?
  • Vendors such as the tool truck guys giving you referrals?
  • Yard signs?
  • Local newspapers?

Are any of these ACTUALLY giving you RESULTS?

We have asked hundreds of repair shops and they all use identical methods to find techs—without result ... so why should you do the same?

Have you ever calculated how much loss in sales you have each day when you are understaffed?

We have, and we'll show you how to calculate exactly what it costs you to be short staffed and what your ROI (Return on Investment) will be. And we will use your own pay plans and shops numbers.

From entry level Lube/Tire techs to Master Diagnosticians—we guarantee results.

You are never charged anything until a technician is hired. We guarantee that technician for 90 days or we find you another tech, or return 100% of your investment with Auto Care Career.

Auto Care Career was started by a Shop Owner and a Master Technician to help other owners and techs. We want to to have a positive impact on this industry, and we don't win until both the repair shop and technician win!

Why wouldn't you give Auto Care Career a try? It costs you NOTHING to build a profile and have us start finding you techs.

Auto Care Career is:

  • Minimizing the risk to the shop owner
  • Making it easy to hire the best technicians

Make Auto Care Career your first call every time you have a need!
We have created a solution to the automotive professional shortage and we would love to tell you more. Call, Email, submit an online request.


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