The Polebridge Institute (at Square Peg Ranch)
Polebridge, Montana

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
28 miles south of the Canadian border
Nestled between two mountain ranges:
Flathead National Forest (to our back, east)
Glacier National Park (to our front, west)
There runs a stream filled with tiny brook trout.

"America's wildest valley" - New York Times


Two cabins, three outhouses, an outdoor shower, a screened in "Gazebo" (our seminar room),
A fifty-foot trailer painted resemble a log cabin, the "Trabin"
(our director's residence) - with its own hot shower! (Key, after a long mountain bike ride.)
Three barns, two corrals, and several outbuildings;
You are in the North Fork.

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GREEK IN GLACIER (at Square Peg Ranch)

A summer Greek and Latin Intensive

During the summer months (early-June to mid-August), Detroit Greek and Latin sets up camp (quite literally!) in the North Fork region, the 'primitive' corner of Glacier National Park. Square Peg Ranch is located within walking distance of the village site of Polebridge, MT-- two miles from the NW entrance to Glacier National Park. There DGL offers intensive Greek and Latin study (Greek in Glacier), adult-education courses on classical texts in translation (The Plato Group), and a weekly writer's workshop of local Montanan and visiting writers (The North Fork Writers Group).

Presently geared to enrich high school teachers, undergraduate and graduate students in Greek and Latin, as well as summer residents and visitors to Polebridge, the Institute's offerings will eventually be drawn into concert to supply a 'capstone' experience (of study, writing, reflection, environmental service, and wildlife education) for DGL students, and a training site for DGL instructors.

DGL West is a place for students and teachers to retool and refresh; to commit themselves to intensive study while focusing their energies for upcoming challenges; to reward past efforts; to interact with peers; and to discover themselves. Bringing together tribal, urban, rural, and suburban scholars--the Polebridge Institute provides a place for conversation, reflection, scholarship, and creativity amid the wildest of wild nature.

By generosity of the ranch's owner, John Frederick, Square Peg Ranch is host to Greek in Glacier, The Plato Group, and The North Fork Writer's Circle.

Map of Montana