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Let EIS supply all the equipment you need for alternative energy. We provide experience you can trust and a full range of services to design, install and maintain your green energy initiatives.

The EIS Energy Program Offers:

  • Solar Panels and Racks
  • Turbines and Towers
  • Batteries
  • Inverters (all products available in kits or as individual components)
  • Solar Lighting
  • System Engineering
  • Installation Available

Case Study:

The Pepsi Company constructed a 1.5 million sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution center for its Gatorade products in Oklahoma. Electrex Industrial Services was contacted to perform an installation of a wind turbine, to show that Pepsi was committed to reducing its environmental impact. Pepsi elected to choose Electrex Industrial Services because of their ability to sole source the project, utilizing their in-house tradesmen in the following divisions to accomplish the project:

Responsible for wiring, testing, and commissioning the wind turbine system.

Design & Engineering
Responsible for tower design, electrical schematics, concrete & foundation requirements, fabrication method, and rigging procedures.

Responsible for assembly of the tower and wind turbine.

Responsible for in-house manufacturing of the supports.

Responsible for in-house building & welding of all tower components.

Concrete & Foundations
Responsible for onsite construction of the pad.

Responsible for handling of the tower and wind turbine.

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